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Do we really need them, old males??? The young ones are not as slow as you were!!!

1. An Earther may not injure an Earther or, through inaction, allow an Earther to come to harm.
2. An Earther must obey the unemotional orders given to it by other Earthers, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. An Earther must protect her own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
0. An Earther may not harm her own species, or, by inaction, allow her own species to come to harm.
07062014- Hi!!! My name is Jacques Pages, the World has a problem, and it is called government... But, a revolution, like in the good old days past, is not the way, so I have decided to be your next president. Under normal circumstances, I would not even consider running for this office, and let Hillary run for it, because I think she would make an excellent President, but I am forced to be a realist, as these are not normal times; the Barbarians are through our gates, so to speak. You are under the delusion that WoMen, and Men, are equal, which they are not, as they are superior to you old males, especially when it comes to that circus you call politics, today... If you do not believe that, then you have a major problem, because you are assuming that our species has evolved ideally, which it has not... As proof, I submit an earlier webpage that I started last November, I believe, which I have simply named DaTruth, because it is a truth of our species, and as I am going to be your next president, or Decider, as your George W. put it, it makes what I believe pretty damn important, ya think??? Electing any WoMan President, at this time, would invite every nut, both Amerikan and Foreign, to test her resolve, which quite possibly means lives, other than her own, put in harm's way... I do not know about you, but I did not shoot out of my mother's uterus to die just to prove how forward a country we are... I know, it is not a "civilized" view, and a tad sexist, but it is the wisest course for Amerika at this time, the most disgusting time in our short existence... Disgusting because Earthers are still killing Earthers, for no fucking reason... Based on 10 years processing 30+ years of data derived from observation, and armed with new capabilities that resulted from my receding brain injury, I was able to calculate enough likely scenarios, from this point in time, for this planet, and, well... read DaTruth, ok??? Oh, yes, we are not alone in our Universe, as our species, Earther, is part of the CareTaker superspecies that takes care of, and creates, these Universes in our future... There is no god(s), just species of androids, like us, that all live together, doing their thing... What a long, strange trip it has been, but I am back, baby!!! It is time we lessen our need for government(s), which have been with us since the days of Jesus Christ, preventing WoMen from realizing their dreams... Yes, I believe there was a Christ, at the start of our civilization, who set up the perfect example for us to aspire to, yet he failed to produce the desired result, as of the year 2,000... Suffice it to say I am the closer of our civilization, and it is my job to get you all ready for the final stage of this game we call life, which is the future, and beyond... Just as Jesus had a coat of many colors, I have one of multiple personalities, as I have the ability to assimilate the personality of any character I see on video into my own, to be used at a later date... That is how I was trained for this job, by watching thousands of movies, sitcoms, and news programs... Used to never go anywhere without my Morning Joe, on MSNBC, but I had my cable tv hookup removed in 2013, because I had not really watched tv in the past 2-3 years... You know what, all this is covered in DaTruth, which is a pretty good read, if I do say so myself... DaTruth is an highly imaginative tale that covers the existence of WoMan on this planet, from Christ until now, 2,014 years later, which I believe in, 110%... That said, as I follow no religion, or belief system, expressed yet in our species existence, so I went out and created one for myself, and DaTruth tells of my journies to the future, via the mind and imagination, that helped me figure all this out, with the help of pure logic... I am an android, yes, but so is everybody else on this planet!!! We will evolve to create beings, such as ourselves, one day... I was physically and mentally crippled to slow me down and show me that everyone is crippled, no matter what they say, or do, because of their emotions... Yes, emotions are the mindkiller, folks... Hilly, the gloves come off, because it is apparently the only way to make you and the country understand the deep shit they are in... First, there is no fucking compassionate God in any Universe, you Christian idiots... If it is not apparent to you, by now, then you might as well blow your brains out... Second, we have not evolved acceptably, to the future of our species, because the male did not start to evolve until both technology, and the female was recognized as an equal shareholder in this game called life... Third, we are in a rush to evolve to where we should be if we had evolved ideally... Fourth, who, or what sex, is at fault for this shitty situation, is of no consequence, and means nothing, because both sexes are equal, in the eyes of the law... Fifth, our opposition has demonstrated that they want us dead by declaring a Jihad against us, so our leader must be able to sink to their level... How can you beat an enemy that sends suicide bombers, of both sexes, and all ages, in a civilized manner??? Long answer: You cannot... That is because armed conflict, involving one's species, is uncivilized, be it the time of Christ, now, or in the future... You want to know my rock, and it sure as hell is not our fucked up government??? It is the simple code of 4 laws presented by Isaac Asimov, regarding androids, of which the zeroth law, the final one, renders the other 3 impotent... Press, if you want to know my character, that is where it starts, and continues in DaTruth... DaTruth also gives you your marching orders, regarding me... I am only concerned with the moment, ok??? As president, I shall call all armed forces home from abroad... Americans abroad, you are welcome to stay where you are, just know that if you get into trouble, do not expect our cavalry to come and bail you out, as I will withdraw all embassies??? All contracts, both foreign and domestic, including marital contracts, will not be recognized by the United States led Coalition, so it would be in your best interests to come back home, ya think... As money is the root of all evil, currency has no meaning in our near future, so it is abolished... Everybody, excluding the military, over the age of 19 will have a required job consisting of 24 hours per week... Beyond that, they can volunteer for upto 16 more hours, but it is up to them... Got that, employers??? No coercion of any form, as you only have say in only 24 hours/week of their lives... The state governments will handle this by issuing Picture IDs that record your current address, your current occupation, employer, vital medical statistics, next of kin, demerits, etc... Foreign nations, as George W. said, either you are for us, or against us, meaning if you want to join the Coalition, you have to follow the rules above, without modification, unless you get 2/3 of the vote from the other members... I will only vote if there is a tie... Once part of the Coalition, and you get into trouble, the Coalition comes, armed to the teeth!!! You know the United States Rangers' motto to never let a comrade down, bingo... Citizens of the Coalition get free transit to anywhere in the Coalition... Yes, there will be a draft, on the 19th birthday, and if you are not into the military, we will find you something up your alley, ok??? First required term will be 4 years, then you can continue in increments of 2 years in whatever field you want... School takes precedence, though, so if you are in school, we wait... There will be other perks for the military, and the Coalition Corps, like first class on jets, planes, ships, etc., is yours... The new salute will bear a striking similarity to the Klingon salute, from the Star Trek series... In particular, I would like those militarily inclined to watch Star Trek: Next Generation, and pay attention to the bridge crew, especially first officer Ryker and Captain Picard... Their interactions is what we want in the future, because you girls and guys are the first representatives that new, alien species will encounter in a couple hundred years(hey, I'm ambitious)... All are explorers, ambassadors, soldiers, then party animals, ok??? He who shoots first, better have a damn good reason, too... Oh, and one other thing... Old males, fucking grow up... The interesting women are merely tolerating you, and the really smart ones are lesbians, too, lucky bastards... As a matter of fact, I am a male lesbian, cunning linguist that I am... You probably think I am being too extreme, and you are right, but that is because you had the perfect example to emulate, and did not bat an eyelid when he was wasted by the Roman government... I am going to be the perfect anti-example, or try to be, and cause Armageddon, the day we take back the planet back from our alien mechanical shepherd, both literally and figuratively, it just has gots to logically be... A christian God could not exist because she has emotions, which tends to get you killed... Most violence, other than war, is charged by emotion, which tends to suck, making it easy to see that emotions are so inefficient... I am here to get you ready for the future, which could get dicey awfully soon, for us... Watch my favorite movie, Cowboys & Aliens, starring Danny Craig, and Harry Ford, except imagine it as happening today... There ya go...